a brief introduction



Gecko! offers clothing collections for women, men and children. Western casual styling from time to time enriched with Indian influences like hand embroidery and raw materials like traditional Indian khadi fabric.The focus is on wearable comfort styles with perfect fit and high quality finishing. Main materials used are Irish and French linen.

The collections are designed by German designer Dorothee Imhoff,
using colour and style themes. Great care is taken that combinations are as manifold as possible. Quality and comfort of our products are very important to us at Gecko!.

For the Four Seasons Group of Hotels (Maldives) Gecko! not only supplies custom made collections for their shops but also designs and produces the “uniforms” for their employees, from the general manager to the waiters in their restaurants and specialised products like kurthas and kaftans for their spa.

Linen is a natural fabric woven from fibre of the flax plant.

It is extremely strong and comfortable to wear.

A good absorber of heat it is cool on the body and its open weave allows the skin to breathe. Therefore it is an ideal material to be worn in hot climates. 

Khadi is an Indian handspun and hand-woven cloth. The raw materials may be cotton or silk, which are spun into threads on a spinning wheel called a charkha. Khadi is made by rural artisans in natural surroundings and is truly eco-friendly. It is a versatile fabric, cool in summers and warm in winters.


Mahatma Gandhi began promoting the spinning of khadi for rural self-employment in 1920s India. The freedom struggle revolved around the use of khadi fabrics. Thus it symbolised the political ideas and independence itself. Khadi provides occupation to the semi-employed millions of India on a scale unequalled by any other occupation.

Auroville Dirt Shirt - You are now the proud owner, or should seriously ponder to become the proud owner, of an Auroville Dirt Shirt.
This shirt has been hand dyed with genuine dirt from Auroville in a process that has been researched extensively for decades. Each shirt is a truly unique masterpiece.

Directions for use:
Pull over your head when feeling cold. Usually the big hole is down, the middle sized hole is for your head and the two small ones with the sleeves attached are for your arms. Some people believe the neck-label is supposed to be inside and at the back while wearing the shirt but this is not compulsory. Feel free to follow your creative impulses. 

Caring for your AV Dirt Shirt:
Wash as desired. Please don’t use bleach and don’t boil. Water heated to 40°C will do the trick. Dry the shirt inside out but not over campfires or volcanoes.
The color is very fast. However, should over the years some fading take place we recommend that you wash the shirt less often until you can return to Auroville during monsoon and roll with the shirt in a puddle which will restore and enhance the design.

Main Features:

  • gives the wearer that incredible, sophisticated attractive look without being offensive
  • helps to keep your body temperature at the desired degree
  • can be worn at all occasions
  • can be worn over and under other garments
  • there are many additional uses for this magical shirt which include without prejudice “handkerchief”, “towel”, “mini-blanket”, “scarf”, “turban”, “picnic cloth” and many others. Start exploring! 
  • and since each shirt is a unique masterpiece it is not completely impossible that the shirt will gain value over time and represent an investment of considerable value.